How to Consider Elder citizens when building home

Today is the day for the old aged!  Let’s think about what we have to say to those who have seen the world more than us, and think about what we can do for them, in connection with the following post …

Let’s start from the entrance…

  1. Make the gate in a manner that is easy for them to open, avoid the sliding gate, make an automatic gate for those who have budget, avoid the difficulty of closing the gate when it is raining, which might lead to illness.
  2. If there is an interlock in the yard, clean it regularly at least on the pathway to keep it from slipping and staining.
  3. Provide a handrail to the steps leading up to the house if any.
  4. Provide a decorative chain from the hook for the elderly as they sit on the portico or veranda. For eyes, it should look like a part of the ID, however it can be used as a support holder for the elderly.
  5. Design the floor evenly for Portico, Living room, elder’s Bed room, Dining and kitchen too. Avoiding providing stairs inside the house makes elderly difficult to climb.
  6. Install a window the size of the door next to the main door, so they can see who has come, reminding them to open it only after they know who is ringing the calling bell.
  7. Those who are building two-storied houses should build two bedrooms below, and if only one bedroom is below, they will be left alone.  The sense of security the elderly feel when they are in the next room at night makes them feel safe!
  8. Provide an emergency calling bell near their bed. Provide a master switch which would enlighten all the necessary places inside and outside.
  9. Provide a small refrigerator in their room , when we place the medicines in the kitchen fridge, their peace of mind will be lost if you misplace the medicine and lose it.
  10. Avoid open shelves that could get dusty in their room, and avoid ballet-style curtains, as dust can cause huge problems.
  11. Those who have a budget can avoid internal strife in the house put a separate TV in their room, when we watch cricket, football, children’s cartoons, etc., they both can adjust and watch their favorite news and serial alternately!
  12. Use non slippery tiles in the bathroom, separate wet area and dry area, install small and large handles in appropriate places on the wall.  Adjust the lock so that it can be locked from the inside and opened from the outside.
  13. Provide more storage space than they normally provide in the bathroom, or they put their oil and medicinal oil in the available space (usually on the window sill) and it is more likely to slip or fall and get injured.
  14. Make kitchen tiles non slippery, design the kitchen layout efficiently in a way that manages more area with less walking.

Abhilash Sathyan

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