1.BUDGET:When calculating the budget for a house, plot preparation, perimeter wall, gate, well, landscaping, interior, electronic items, water / electricity connections and engineer fee should all be considered.

2.PLAN:Instead of drawing a plan on your own, it is always best to have a professional architect come up with a plan that incorporates our tastes and needs.

3.PLAN:When you look at the architect, look at the houses he / she has done and see if it’s suitable for our tastes, only then should we assign work to him.

4. OPINIONS:Changing plans and elevations according to others opinion after starting the construction can lead to cost overruns.

5.PLOTS:When buying a plot, buy only after checking the plots legal documents. If you are looking forward to build a house on a plot without proper documents, you will not get permission from the panchayat or any other institution.

6. ACCESS ROAD:The slope of the road from the main road to the house should be correct. This can be done with the help of an engineer.

7. PERMIT:Once the construction is decided, all the required papers must be cleared immediately and a permit can be obtained from the concerned government office. Ifyou start Constructing without permit then electricity connection and house numberwould be not available easily.

8. INTERIOR DESIGN:ppIf the interior of the building is to be done after the construction, it will be sure that changes will be required in plan. Often the building will have to be demolished in some portion. Plan interior design accordingly before starting construction.

9. CONTRACTOR:Often the contractor uses the cheap raw materials to reduce cost .so ensure that the agreement should cover all portions of the specified quality. Check on their previous housing for assurance.

10. PIPING:Make sure to make space for toilet pipe lines on foundation so that it will not have to be demolished later on.

11. SET BACK:House should be built on rules and regulations, make sure the size and structure are proper. Do not forget that the government has the power to demolish the house if the house is built without following the rules.

12.MULTIPLE OPINION:Its better to consult with either an Engineer or a Carpenter. If we show a good plan to a carpenter, he will have different opinions on the same. Both the parties will have a tendency to show they are better. So its better to consult either one to avoidconflicts in opinion.

13. ANTI – TERMINATE TREATMENT:Apply anti-termination while laying the basement of the house.

14.COMPOUND WALLS: If there is not enough space between the compound wall and the car porch pillar, it will be difficult to park vehicle. Consult an engineer regarding it.

15. PVC DOORS:It is a good idea to check the quality of the PVC door in the bathroom .It is the first complaint everywhere.

16. OPINION:Workers will be more experienced than the customers. It would be good to acknowledge their the idea a little bit.

17. PLASTERING:Many people think that adding a lot of cement will make it strong .It will not be of any benefit .Excess cement will lead in cracks.

18. WATER:Use only soft Water for construction .Use soft water for curing .If you water the plaster with well water(containing algae) , there is a chance of mold after painting.Cont.

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