1. Budget :

When we calculate The budget for a house, plot preparation, perimeter wall, gate, well, landscaping, interior, electronic items, water / electricity connections and engineer fee should all Need to be considered .

2. House Plan

Instead of drawing a plan on your own, it is always best to Consult a professional architect And prepare a plan that incorporates our tastes and needs.


When you search for an architect, please have look at the houses he / she has done before and see if it’s OK for your tastes, then only give him/her the work.

4. Openions

When construction is on progress, Changing our plans and elevations Based to others openions’ can lead to cost overruns our budget.

5. plots

Before purchasing a plot, we need to check the plot documents carefully And make sure that it meeting up with our needs, which is constructing a house in it .Otherwise we will not get permission from the panchayat,municipality,Corperation or any other institution.

6. Access To Road

The slope of the road from the main road to the house should be correct. This can be done with the help of an engineer.

7. Permit

Once the housework is decided, all the required papers can be cleared immediately and a permit can be obtained from the concerned gov office . Some people decide that they can do it later and start the conctrution as per theier likes. If the house is built in a plot where the permit cannot be issued , then the house will not get electricity connection or even a house number .So only start the work after getting the permit.


If you are going to do the interior after the Home construction, you will understand that there is some changes required in the plan and basically you will end up on demolishing the structure’s in order to create the space for your interior .Always before starting your home construction, you need to have an idea about how the home interior is going to look like when its finished.


Often because of the contractor uses the lowest material rates we must make sure that their agreement is covering all the specifications And portions of our needs. We must Go and check the Construction works that the contractor done before As a reference.

10. Piping

If you leave a gap for the toilet pipes while building the floor (foundation) then it will not have to be demolished After .


When building a home Foundation, Follow the Government rules And Confirm the set backs of the building according to it. Do not forget that the Government has the power to demolish a house if it is built without Following the government rules.

12. Multiple Opinion

Consult an engineer or either a local Vasthu carpenter. Both have a tendency to show up that they are More better, so if you seek an Advice from them both,You will be confused .So choose one of them for building your dream.


Apply anti-termination treatment while laying the basement of the house.


If there is not enough space between the compound wall and the car porch pillar, it will be Hard to park the car on the car porch. It is always better to seek the help of an engineer to solve this.


It is a good idea to check the quality of the PVC doors in the bathroom before installation .It is the first thing that get compliant in every Home.


The workmen will be more experienced than the householders. It would be good to acknowledge a bit of theier idea.


Many people think that if you add a lot of cement, it will be More strong, There will be no benefit . Just mix it based on the ratio and that will be enough . If you put a lot of cement in the mix it cause to create some cracks in future.

18. Water

Use only Quality water for work And for curing. If the plaster is moistened with algae water, there is a chance of mold after painting.

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