By Sarath Chandran K, E Veedu, Engineering consultant

Three materials come to our mind when thinking about home flooring are like 1)Tiles 2)Marble 3)Tiles. Among these masses frequently go for Tiles. However many of them pay no attention to choosing the best one and end up making mistakes.

7 things to be aware of when selecting Tile

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Tile Selection

Homes with no tile floors are rare. It’s available in varied forms and designs, many choose it. In comparison with other products of the same category, numerous experiments are carried out on this.

Few points to note before you choose tile are here:

  1. Have a complete idea where to floor the tiles and should choose a variety of designs for indoor/ outdoor,living room, kitchen etc. Better to try strong types where more people occupy.
  2. Decide on the type of selection. Varied types such as brick, concrete, ceramic, mosaic, glass etc. are available. Select one to your needs and interests.
  3. Go for light- coloured tiles to small and dark rooms. It  helps to get more space and light in the room.
  4. Don’t compromise the quality to profit. Cheap quality items may create problems in future.
  5. Attempt to buy 5 or 10% more than needed. This may help to replace the broken ones at work as well as to avoid insufficiency. In certain cases you may find it difficult to get the same batch/ colour so you could avoid such situations. Moreover you can return the unused boxes.
  6. Use matching tile grouts.
  7. In case numerous tile cuttings are needed go for smaller than large. It helps to maintain a flow.

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