About some of the mistakes that are usually made by Malayalees

No matter how much you learn Malayalee’s will remain the same!

Everyone wants low rates, luxury (not just quality)

Just stating the obvious.  Home is where we expect peace and relaxation . When it comes to us it is common for a Malayalee to lose his peace when he returns home.  Because many people buy or build a house with their life time hard earned money.  Or they may be in debt because of the mortgage of land they live.  Most of the construction starts without doing any proper housing plan.  Many people start building without understanding their needs and budget. This is common.  We just copy what others have done in their house. Instead of dreaming of their own home, many people go for others housing methods structure or design. Going after so many different models to choose from and different type of constructions, the housework finally gets nowhere. Too many pillars that would be necessary and few unnecessary ones, too many windows that is of no use. Building pergolas on walls and terraces to enjoy rain and fresh air is eventually covers with sheet in the courtyard that ruin the looks of house are just some of the common mistakes made by Malayalee’s.

some of the mistakes that are usually made by Malayalee’s are:-

1. Saving Engineer / Architect Fees

Few percentage of people say that if they get the plan and 3D, everything will be fine and construct the house, then they will call the engineer when there is some issue in construction, and ask them how they can solve it after something goes wrong on the site, the previous work done will be demolished and the expenses incurred will be wasted again.

2.Budgetive Home

We have a lot of misconceptions about the idea of ​​a budget home. The same plan is shown to four different engineer or Architect and chose the least charging quotation. Eventually end up in facing difficulty during or after construction. So look for an experienced architect and engineer to really help you understand what a budget house is.

3.Car porch

For those who debt settlement is very difficult even with their life time earnings needs a car porch with good collateral and security. Instead with this we can use that space and money to build a room.  Low cost car porch canopies are now available if you need a car porch.

4. Pergola

To be honest, the Malayalee is too very fond of pergola.  Every house has a pergola no matter where you look.  The Malayalee has reached the stage where he wants a pergola on the roof, a pergola on the balcony, a pergola on the window and a pergola on the wall.  By when you enjoy the beauty of pergola with glass on the top, comes the monsoon season.  One rainy season is enough to get all the glass covered with algae and get dirty.  There is no way to clean the roof.  And thus the desire ended.  To build a pergola for a partition on the wall, not all posts need to be cast like pillars.  It is possible to build a low-cost pergola by placing masonry or using bricks.


There are many houses in Kerala with guest bedrooms waiting for a guest who never comes.  Why build guest bedrooms at a time when you don’t even have time to party? Even if the guests have arrived, they will be close relatives anyway.  So they could simply adjust and go along with the available space and be comfortable and have good times together.

6.Work area

The work area is a second kitchen that comes as part of the kitchen, found in homes in rural areas.  The work area is mainly utilized for the use of firewood for cooking.  When there are parties at home, the work area also has the facility to cook for a few people.  However, the work area is mandatory when building a house for those who do not even use the firewood facility.  Moreover, most of the people buy parcels of food, whether they have a party or not.

7. Flooring

The house next by is paved with granite so we should use granite or what would others say? Concerns people the most. Vitrified tiles which is cheaper than granite, with more design options and durability are considered as second grade .First floor is spread with vitrified tiles and the ground floor is spread with granite to keep up their dignity.


Visiting some houses is like going to church, wherever you look, the lighting in all points like the beam, the pillars, the interior of the pergola, and the ceiling is lighted like the stars in the sky.  In fact it is very boring to watch.  In the end, you will not have time to change the light bulb, which is fused.  KSEB will also be blamed for the electricity bill.


Most of the houses have seating area on first floor right above the main seating area on the ground floor entrance it needs big designed wooden doors  wooden windows. It will cost about forty to sixty thousand rupees.  But some people spend a lot of money providing same doors and windows for the top seat out.

10. Making a house as opposed to land.

Ninety per cent of people prefer to level small slopes or elevated areas of the plot. They fill  the site with sand and is levelled to zero, because of that they are forced to build high concrete foundation or natural rock walls on four sides to avoid soil erosion to level the ground, as well as to flatten the ground. It will cause some people to spend three to four lakhs and then they will postponed  building the house.  This will sometimes be excess from the budget.  Let those who have excess cash do it, those who do not have enough money, design a house according to the shape of the place.

Try not to give work to anyone on the bases of rate alone.

This post reminds us not to give work to anyone just like that and not just consider low rate. Ensure to look for other aspects too.

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