When we hear of small houses, we think of low cost houses.  But this house is based on the idea of ​​budget homes, not low cost houses.  The house was designed and built by Engineer Sreejith‌ T. K on behalf of Thusharam Group, a leading architecture and construction company.

Why such a house?  Home is not just a place for people to live.  It is also an ample investment.  Over the years, the value of land and house have skyrocketed.  In that case, a well build house is an asset.  Therefore, from within the budget, relatively expensive and best quality construction materials were used for this house.

The box-shaped elevation design  is implied here.  1 Bedroom, Living cum Dining, Kitchen, Store Room and Common Bathroom  all constructed with proper spacing.  With proper planning, the construction cost of this house is ₹ 6 lakhs.  The 350 sqft house is a budget-friendly and long-lasting, it is an investment-friendly house made from  good quality construction materials.

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