Sivan and his family had wished to build a beautiful house that didn’t look or feel choked in the 6-cent plot they owned in Kozhikode, Kerala. The team of talented designers at the Concern Architects had prepared the plan by catering to the likes and interests of the family members.

The structure is built in box-shaped style to utilize maximum space. The charm of white hue fills both interiors and exteriors of the house. The fundermax panelling and the beautiful claddings on the outer wall set the perfect contrast against the elegance of the white colour. The structure is designed by retaining the natural slope of the plot. Meanwhile, natural stones have been paved on the front yard. The vertical garden here is extremely graceful.

The magnificent house, designed in 2308 sq ft area, has a sit-out, living area, dining space, four bedrooms, kitchen with work area, upper living space and an open balcony as well. The arrangement of spaces in the semi-open theme and the use of lighter shades of hues make the interiors look extremely vast and spacious. The main door is built of exquisite teak planks. Meanwhile, irul wood, which is less expensive, is used to build the windows and other doors in the house. Most of the furniture pieces were made on the site as per the designs given by the family. A wonderful combination of white vitrified tiles and wooden flooring add classy charm to the interiors.

The dining table is extremely simple with a glass top paved on GI frame. Meanwhile, GI tubes have been used on the handrails of the stairway. The wash area is arranged beneath the stairway and this is a fine example of amazing space management.

The bedrooms designed in unique themes are comfortable and looks spectacular as well. The head side walls are highlighted using attractive shades of colours. The cement texture finish that spreads to the ceiling is the most eye-catching feature in one of the bedrooms. The bay windows here are excellent spots from where the beauty of the nature can be enjoyed. All the bedrooms are bath attached and have wardrobe units as well.

The kitchen is furnished in the stylish white and wooden theme. Meanwhile, the cabinets are made in multi wood with auto paint finish. Nano white has been paved on the counter top. Besides, there is an adjacent work area as well which increases the utility factor of the kitchen.

The family is excited that they got the house of their dreams. They say their guests are impressed by the spacious interiors and the amazing facilities which often makes them forget that the house actually stands on a 6 cents plot.

Location- Calicut
Plot- 5.9 cent
Area- 2308 SFT
Owner- Sivan TI

Design- Mukhil MK, Ragesh CM, Dijesh O, Babith SR
Concern Architects, Calicut
Mob- 9895427970
Completion year- 2019

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