Total cost -𝟮𝟱Lakhs
 Total plot -𝟭𝟬cent
 Total area-𝟭𝟱𝟬𝟬sqft

Two years ago, designer Hidayat’s own house was featured on the home channel.  The house, which was prepared for ₹ 25 lakh, received a lot of attention. Nishad and Shamla from Chavakkad, Thrissur they also handed over the construction of their house to Hidayat.  By then, the plan had been drawn up and work had begun.  Hidayat has made a drastic change in the plan to build a house where the money of the customer was safe.  At first glance, this house looks like a carbon copy of Hidayat’s house.  When the photo of the house appeared on social media during the Corona breakout, people were kind of interested with that house. 

The 1,500 sqft single storey house is built on a 10 cent plot.  Provided to build upwards in the future.  Interior includes porch, seating area, living, dining, courtyard, three bedrooms, kitchen and work area.

The wall was made of Hurudees blocks and only the wall exterior was polished. There was no need to do plastering or painting.  Only the primer was applied to the white walls.  In this way the cost could be reduced.  And the heat is relatively low.  The interior ceiling was decorated with designed terracotta tiles .This also prevents heat.  The outside stairway provided access to the open terrace.  MS grills provided above.  The creepers where planted on the side of the house to grow.

The interiors are partially open . This gives more space. The design emphasises wind and light. House is build making Space for skylight passage in most places. This is how light enters.

The living room is separated by the wooden wall art made on a white surface.

Many of the furniture were gifted before house warming and they bought the rest.  The highlight of the interior is the courtyard.  Here the palms were planted in pots and decorated.  Skylight from above illuminates the place.

A mini courtyard is adjoined with two bedrooms.  This is how light enters.  All three bedrooms have attached bathroom facilities.  A common bathroom for two rooms has access from both sides. 

Kitchen is open.  A breakfast counter is also provided along with the dining.  Here the wall is decorated with wall tiles.  Kitchen cabinets are provided with aluminium fabrication.  Granite was spread on the counter.

Usually many people interlock the yard after the usual house construction.  Here, on the contrary, the yard was kept intact.  Trees and plants provide the backdrop for the house.

 Thus the house was completed for 25 lakhs along with the structure and furnishing.  Homeowners are happy to have a home of their own.  The designer is also happy that his fan got a house alike. 

 Cost-reducing factors

  • The wall was built with Hurudees.  Saves on plastering and painting costs.
  • UPVC grills were used for the windows.  These were also provided on the perimeter wall.
  • The kitchen  cabinets where made of aluminium fabrication.
  • Medium marbonite was used for the flooring.

Project facts

Location- Chavakkad, Thrissur
Plot- 10 cent
Area- 1500 SFT
Budget- 25 Lakhs
Owner- Nishad, Shamla

Design- Hidayath Bin Ali
Design Arch Architecture Studio, Calicut
Mob- 98460 45109

Y.C- 2020 June

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