Total plot -10cent
Total Area -1350sqft
Total cost -23lakhs

Albert Stephen’s new house is in Perumpuzha near Kundara, Kollam.  The family wanted a house that was costing within their budget.  Another requirement was that there should be essential yard and space for a vegetable garden in the back.  The house plan was drawn accordingly.

At first glance it looks like a two storey house but it is a one storey house. The roof was built with trusses and terracotta tile. Old tiles were bought and used without even being polished. It gives an old feel. The utility space was also provided by giving enough space between the flat roof and the truss roof. This gap also prevents heat from entering inside.

The 1,350 square-feet facility includes a sitting room, living room, dining room, kitchen and three bedrooms.

The flooring was also done with terracotta tile. The interiors are partially open. Wide windows provide ventilation, light and cross ventilation too. 

 Total 23 lakhs which includes structure, furnishing, well and surrounding walls. The structure alone was reduced to ₹ 17 lakhs. If the wall painting was avoided, the cost would have been further reduced by about ₹ 2 lakhs. 

 Cost reduction factors

  • Locally available construction materials were used.
  • Interlock mud block was used to build the wall.
  • Bought the floor tile for 16 rupees per tile.
  • He bought the old terracotta roof tile for one and a half rupees. 

 Experience of the house owner

 Workers applied red oxide to the floor to get a good colour.  But the house owners did not like it.  Then all the oxide had to be scraped off.  The first plan was to keep the walls unpainted.  The wall was filled with moisture as the wall was built during the rainy season.  Because of that, it was decided to plaster the entire wall.  However, it is considered a great thing to be able to complete the house within the expected budget.

Project Facts
Location- Kundara, Kollam
Area- 1350 SFT
Plot- 10 cent
Budget- 23 Lakhs
Owner- Albert Stephen

Designer- Ajo V Pillai
Max interiors Kottarakara
Mob- 98461 94913

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